IRS Phone Scam

A new scam is quickly sweeping the country and has reached some of our clients.  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent demanding payment by phone – hang up.  The IRS communicates using the US postal service and only in rare cases will they call you, and never without sending you a written notice first.

The con artists will claim you owe back taxes and demand payment through a wire transfer or debit card.  They may even claim you have a refund and will request bank information for direct deposit.

They will be aggressive and have been reported to go as far as threating arrest, deportation or suspension of your driver’s license.  They may alter the caller ID and give you a fake badge number trying to appear authentic.   

If you do not answer the call in the first place, there have been reports of “urgent” call back messages left.  They might have personal information about you such as your full name trying to convince you to call them back.  Just delete the message and do not call back.  If you have any concerns you may owe back taxes, please call us.

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