You may have received a class action claim form in the mail regarding the above lawsuit filed against BWC.  This lawsuit consisted of employers who were not eligible for Worker’s Comp group ratings.  They claimed that the non-group rates were inflated so that the group rates would be lower for those eligible employers.  In July, the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court found for the plaintiffs.  While the Bureau is appealing the ruling to the Ohio Supreme Court, the class action administrator is going ahead with the paperwork for the settlement.

To determine whether it is worth your while to complete the claim form, go to, click on “Online policy information portal” and enter both your BWC policy number and the claim number found on the letter.  This will give you an idea, pending any other adjustments, of the amount of your settlement.  If you decide to file the claim, remember that you need to attach a Form W-9  and that the claim form must be notarized.

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